Jerrod Carmichael Reveals What It’s Like To Live in America to Stephen Colbert

It’s hard to take the stage of a late night talk show when you’re nervous and more difficult when the news of the day has made you even more nervous. That’s how it was for Jerrod Carmichael when he returned to the Late Show on Tuesday night to talk to Stephen Colbert. He was there to promote his new HBO special “8“, but he was taken off track because the news was filled with the Wikileaks story about the CIA’s spying secrets and how they could listen to American citizens through a variety of gadgets, phones and computers. The thought of that had Jerrod Carmichael freaking out, in fact, he wondered why everyone wasn’t freaking out more.

He basically gave an apology to Colbert’s audience on behalf of anyone who had an uncle who claimed the government was listening to us and was called crazy for his paranoid thoughts which turned out not to be so paranoid after all. Jerrod said that crazy uncle ended up being a fucking prophet. Of course, the “fucking” part was bleeped courtesy of CBS. Jerrod also wondered what other conspiracies could possibly be true, questioning if we really went to the moon or if Tupac was still alive?

This is where the interview went very philosophical and had a lot more CBS bleeps. After the latest Wikileaks news, Jerrod Carmichael explained to Stephen Colbert what he realized living in America is really like? To get Jerrod’s answer to that question, just watch the clip below. Carmichael and Colbert also talked about Donald Trump’s election and how a year ago, Jerrod visited the Late Show and said that then candidate Trump had some “interesting ideas”, also watch the clip to see if he still feels that way.

Jerrod Carmichael’s new comedy special “8” premieres this Saturday, March 11th at 9pm, only on HBO.

Also, The Carmichael Show starring Jerrod Carmichael has been picked up for a 13 episode third season by NBC. The new season will premiere some time in 2017.

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