Jen Kirkman Was Inspired by Matthew McConaughey

Jen Kirkman was in New York City this week to appear on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. She’s got a brand new special- Just Keep Livin’? out this week and told the Late Show audience that the name of her new hour was inspired by Matthew McConaughey’s motto. MM signs everything “JK livin'”. Kirkman says it should be her thing- after all it’s her initials, “JK.” She also thinks it’s a really cool motto and went ahead and got the letters JKL tattooed on her ankle.  In case you don’t believe her, Kirkman went ahead and pulled off her tights on stage to show it off.

Not good enough for Colbert though, he proposed a small modification. Watch the clip below.

Check out Jen’s new special, now available on Netflix.

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