Jack McBrayer Gets a Verbal Beatdown on Conan

This country used to be full of time-honored traditions. There was a time when Presidents still threw out the first pitch to commemorate the start of baseball season and they would release their tax returns, but those days are long gone. Fortunately, there’s O’Brien who was still true to the tradition of friendship. That tradition being that true friends bust each other’s balls. That’s what happened on Monday night’s episode of Conan when former 30 Rock star Jack McBrayer was a guest, and he receive a verbal pummeling through two segments.

Things started out friendly enough for Jack McBrayer on Conan. He was greeted with warm hugs from O’Brien and sidekick Andy Richter and was complimented on what Conan called “a 900 watt smile”. But then the verbal horseplay started immediately with Richter comparing McBrayer’s trademark smile to the smile of a serial killer.

Conan then jumped in on Jack’s other asset that has made him a comedy star, his Southern accent which the host pointed out, Jack has never lost of the years. McBrayer offered up the circumstances when his Georgia-born accent gets even stronger than it is normally. Two of the those being getting angry and talking to relatives on the phone. Conan started to make jokes about McBrayer being from the South and then insisted that his guest tell the audience that they were friends so that the teasing was okay. McBrayer hilariously refused. Jack McBrayer may be from the South, but he wasn’t completely defenseless against Conan and Andy who Conan invited to jump in with more shots at McBrayer.

Jack McBrayer didn’t help matters much for himself by providing an embarrassing photo of himself from this past weekend’s Easter dinner. You can see the photo and all of this in the clips below provided by TeamCoco.com. Other things that Jack McBrayer was taken to task for included his choice of soda, the time he had to play a tourist with a (really bad) British accent in a play, his relationship with 30 Rock co-star , stealing food from Conan’s green room and his hometown of Conyers, Georgia. Jack McBrayer’s hometown has a claim to fame that no town wants to be famous for.

Enjoy the interview below if you’re someone who busts balls with your friends or if you’re the one who gets his balls busted, just to see how to handle it. Jack McBrayer is the epitome of a good sport and was able to come back in the 2 on 1 fight that he was in to applause breaks from the audience. It was a really fun-spirited interview that got completely silly in that “Conan” kind of way. The host put it best when he said, “We’re idiots. We’re idiots and it’s all my fault.”

The good part was at least Jack McBrayer got to plug his new movie. He currently appears as the voice of Clumsy Smurf in the new animated feature, “Smurfs: The Lost Village” in theaters now.