‘I’m Dying Up Here’ Getting a Second Season


Do you like comedy? How about period pieces? If so, you’re in luck: Showtime exec Gary Levine announced on Friday afternoon that the network had renewed their stand-up comedy drama series I’m Dying Up Here for a second season, due out in 2018.

“It is gratifying that so many comedians tell us this series really nailed the comedy club experience,” said Levine of the feedback he’s received on the show. “The talented ensemble of I’M DYING UP HERE, led by the brilliant Melissa Leo, and an equally skilled creative team behind the scenes, tell stories that scale the heights of comedy and the depths of drama, often at the same time. Having heard their plans for season two, I’m excited about the journeys these characters will take and the new ground the show will break.”

I’m Dying Up Here goes to great lengths to give an accurate depiction of life in the world of comedy in 1970’s Hollywood. The show tells the story of Goldie Herschlag, the owner of a fictional Comedy Store doppelgänger club, and the band of misfit comics who frequent her establishment, all in the hopes of hitting it big and potentially landing a spot on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. The cast is packed with great actors like Melissa Leo (The Fighter), Al Madrigal (), Erik Griffin (Workaholics), Ary Graynor (Bad Teacher), Andrew Santino (Mixology), Clark Duke (Hot Tub Time Machine) and more who do a great job of portraying the many quirks possessed by comics, from brazen confidence and lightheartedness to desperate insecurity and a burning desire to be liked.

While reviews for the show have been middling, with compliments for the actors but complaints about the show’s writing, it looks like I’m Dying Up Here has enough of a winning formula to keep rolling into a second season. The show is truly entertaining, especially for those interested in the behind-the-scenes happenings of comedy clubs, and has the potential to get even better, so this is good news.

The ten-episode second season of I’m Dying Up Here will premiere in 2018.

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Bill Tressler

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