The IBang Readers Vote for The Best of Everything in Comedy in 2016

Welcome to our THIRD Annual IBang Readers Choice Comedy Awards. We’ve scoured the country for the best performers in comedy in 2016, in stand up, television, movies, books, specials, albums and more and published our top ten lists for everything in 2016. Those top ten lists are also the nominees for you to vote on, and that you’ve been voting on all week. Just to make this a little easier, we put all of the categories in one post so you can vote for all of them in one shot, but if you click on the title of each poll you can read more about all the nominees!

Thanks for voting and Happy New Year!

Voting Ends January 3rd all winners will be announced Wednesday January 4th.

Best Stand Up Comedian of 2016 (click here for details)

Best Comedy Book of 2016 (click here for details)

Best Comedy Special of 2016 (click here for details)

Best Comedy Album of 2016 (click here for details)

Best Comedy Series of 2016 (click here for details)

Best Late Night Host of 2016 (click here for details)

Best Comedy Movie of 2016 (click here for details)

Best Viral Video of 2016 (click here for details)

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