Ian Abramson Performs Stand Up on Conan

On Monday, the very original made a shocking national late night television debut on . Literally. In one of the most daring moves ever in TV stand up, Ian went beyond the “suit or casual” decision and performed most of his set wearing a doggy shock collar. He also allowed an audience member to control the collar in an electric way of voting thumbs up or thumbs down on some new material Ian’s been working on.

Before he put the shock collar into action, Ian Abramson had a helpful hint for anyone whoever finds themselves forgetting the alphabet. Not necessarily all the letters, but the order they go in. Ian had an amazing mnemonic device he displayed to help to remember your A, B, Cs. if you missed Conan, this is a must-see below..

Ian then brought out the shock collar to train himself to tell only jokes that get laughs the same way that he’s trained his dog to do things. He told the audience member holding the remote, “Only press the button if you don’t like a joke. Okay, because you are electrocuting a man on television.” He then fired off a series of one-liners about baby names, how generous Los Angelinos are, online passwords, where he grew up, Roe vs. Wade and ancient Rome. Ian Abramson also performed some rapid-fire impressions for review. To see which jokes passed the shock test, be sure to watch the clip below via Team Coco.

Ian Abramson is one of the most original and unusual young comedians– he even takes alt to a new alt. He’s holding funerals for people who never existed, he inaugurated Mayor McCheese, he’s doing variety shows that are heavy on the variety- Ian is always looking for new ways to be funny, and he takes it very seriously. He’s appeared at the Riot LA Festival and The Onion and A.V. Clubs’ Fourth Annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival this year and will be bringing his “7 Minutes in Purgatory” show, which was recently picked up by Comedy Central Digital, to Chicago’s Fourth Annual 26th Annual Festival later this year. You can watch full episodes of “7 Minutes in Purgatory” from Comedy Central featuring comedians like Maria Bamford, Matteo Lane & Liza Treyger, Roy Wood Jr., Aparna Nancherla, Dave Hill and others at CC.com

And as mentioned on Conan, Ian Abramson is at the Lyric Hyperion Theatre in Los Angeles with his very unique show, Modern Vaudeville, every Tuesday, from “now, until the world ends” (according to the venue). To learn more about this 21st century version of a classic vaudevillian show and Ian, be sure to check out Sarah Jacobs’ review of Modern Vaudeville.

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