Hooray! Ford’s Got a New Minivan!

We don’t know why Ford won’t call their new minivan a minivan.  But they wont.  They insist that their new “Transit Connect Wagon” is “anything but a minivan, in our mind, it’s a people mover. We think of it as more of a utility, or kind of a hybrid sport utility…”  Which of course, just means “minivan”.

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Kevin in SC
Kevin in SC


 Like you said...Freedom of choice.  I like my little 4 cylinder Ranger but if some dummy wants to spend $55K on a F250 to haul bags of mulch home from Lowes then good for him.    I like to think that most of them have a large trailer so they really do need to own a  monster truck. But yes some of them are just over-compensating douchebags


It comes with a bumper sticker that says, "I Used To Be Cool."


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oooooo space aged!

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Wait until Scooby, Shaggy & those darn kids get thru painting it


Could have sworn it was a Chrysler... My mistake

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The source makes me not believe a word of this story.  Foxnews is just an unfunny Onion.

the jerm
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Wow, it looks like everything else out there.  Way to go Ford!