High Society Radio Moves to GaS Digital Network


News from the podcast world: The boys over at High Society Radio have joined Luis J. Gomez and Ralph Sutton’s new podcast network, GaS Digital.

HSR is a typical “hang” style show where three friends from New York City muse on everything from dank memes, to binge drinking, to terrible start-up ideas. The show’s been running for 5 years (if not more) and in that time has managed to retain its (underproduced) charm.

The podcast, hosted by longtime /Bennington producer Chris “Pepper Hicks” Stanley, former intern Bronx Johnny, and friend Chris from Brooklyn, will be stepping up its game with the new network. The trio are promising to deliver bonus episodes, video content, and more collaborations with other podcasters.

In the roughly two weeks since they made the switch, the HSR crew has recorded three new shows, complete with live video feed, from their new digs at the GaS Digital studios.

Being new to the game, bringing in High Society Radio is a good move for the network. The brainchild of comedian Luis J. Gomez and radio/podcast host Ralph Sutton, the network has hit the ground running, bringing in a few different podcasts to fill their stable. Using Gomez’s Legion of Skanks connections, the network immediately brought Big and Ralph Sutton’s The SDR Show and Dave Smith’s Part of the Problem under the network’s umbrella. The addition of HSR, with a loyal following that largely intersects with the fans of Legion of Skanks and Bennington, will only help to kickstart the brand and bring more attention to the fledgling network.

High Society Radio can be found on iTunes or heard live Thursdays at 7pm EST via the GaS Digital Network’s website.

Gas Digital’s other shows, The SDR Show, Part of the Problem, and The Real Ass Podcast, can all be found at Gas Digital’s website as well.

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Bill Tressler

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  1. Damn Stanley

    March 2, 2016 at 11:28 pm

    Glad somebody plugged the show.