Hear Big Brother HK 15! Save The Cheerleader, Save The HoH

chris and vito


On this episode of Big Brother and the Holding Kompany, “Power of” Vito and Chris talk about who goes to the final five in the Big Brother House. With Jason and Danielle on the block, the house and America have voted and the person who was evicted this week was Danielle, by a vote of four to zero. With two Ball Smashers and three Jamboree members left in the house, this made this week’s Head of Household a big one. The Head of Household was another low budget competition that involved quite a bit of endurance and in the end, the cheerleader, came out with her first Head of Household of the season.

The guys talk about how big this win is for Shelby and Morgan, but there is a catch to her winning this week. Vito and Chris take into account that Justin is the only one left that can receive a care package and talk about the possible scenarios that could happen this week. They came up with the conclusion that only two people can possibly be evicted this week. Vito and Chris also bring up their final three and winner predictions again to see how things could play out and who may be right.

Chris also got a nice shout out on 4 Chan after the episode of Big Brother: Over the Top last night. Chris tells us about that shout out and how he replied to the comment. Also America, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house. America has lost all of its power for the rest of the season, but it is going to be on the jury that decides who wins this game at the end. Vito and Chris end the show by giving their predictions for nominees for the week and who could be evicted, so make sure to listen to this episode of Big Brother and the Holding Kompany.

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