Gad Elmaleh to Debut Two New Specials on Netflix This Year

French Moroccan comedian is continuing his plot to take over the (comedy) world. In 2015, the comic made his way over to the U.S. to, as he put it, “live a bit dangerously.” He was looking for a challenge, and so he began a residency at Joe’s Pub in New York, shirking his native tongue and performing all of his sets in English. Elmaleh became comfortable enough in his new environment that he took his show, Oh My Gad, on tour across the U.S., playing a handful of theaters, including Carnegie Hall.

Now, Elmaleh is really coming out swinging. Back in November, he announced that he had not one, but two Netflix specials lined up for 2016, and now the first of those, Gad Gone Wild, is set to make its debut. On Tuesday, January 24th, Gad Gone Wild will hit Netflix. The special will feature Elmaleh musing on his new international fame and telling some of the crazy stories that come along with all that travel. The whole thing will be performed in a mix of French, English and Arabic (though it will be predominantly in French).

“But – but – I don’t speak French or Arabic!” Join the club, anonymous reader! But fear not — Elmaleh’s second, as-yet-unnamed Netflix special will be performed in English. It’s still unclear when that special will be released.

Netflix has released a trailer for Gad Gone Wild, which you can check out below. Gad Gone Wild will debut on Netflix on Tuesday, January 24th.

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Bill Tressler

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