Funny Women Fest Grows 400% for 2016


The Funny Women Fest LA is around the corner and it’s grown exponentially from last year. A one day affair in 2015, the event now spans four days, from November 30th to December 2nd, and will dominate the streets of Highland Park with shows from over 600 performers in improv, sketch, stand-up storytelling, musical comedy, written pilots, short films, video shorts and visual arts. The festival intends to gather together the community of funny women in these cross-media events to benefit the Downtown Women’s Center.

Shows at the Hi Hat and Sonny’s Hideaway will feature live and digital acts from a gamut of filmmakers and up-and-coming talent. Stand-up showcases intersperse live readings of pilots, musical comedy, improv and storytelling shows. While the comedians aren’t necessarily household names just yet, it’s incredible to see a comedy festival evolve so much in only a year. Tickets and weekend passes are available for sale at their website,

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