‘Fuller House’ Season 3 Trailer Looks Back at 30 Years

Here’s something to make you feel old: September 22nd will mark the 30th anniversary of the debut of Full House on television. Don’t bother looking that up, it will just make you feel worse. To celebrate that fact, the folks over at Netflix plan to release season 3 of their reboot of the series, Fuller House, on September 22nd as well. In the first official trailer for the season, it looks like the show is still full of all of the romantic struggles, family hugs, moral lessons and nostalgia bombs that people have come to love the show for. You can check that out below:

D.J. and Steve are still awkwardly hanging out, the kids are all as goofy as ever and yes, Uncle Jesse is still hot. Everything seems in order at the Tanner house.

Fuller House returns to Netflix for season three on September 22nd.  Visit  netflix.com/fullerhouse for more info.

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Bill Tressler

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