Full Frontal Episode Review: Samantha Bee, OK, but Left Bigger Fish Unfried

One of my favorite country music songs is Brad Paisley’s Bigger Fish to Fry. Give it a listen if you care to. What does that have to do with Samantha Bee’s most recent version of Full Frontal? Just this: in her most recent show, the host gave us three witty presentations, two of which may have been a bit less timely than other topics she may have considered, such as the demotion of Steve Bannon from Imperial Wizard to Assistant Cross Igniter. Come on lady, how often do you get a chance to do a good-news story?

Another timely event the show may have covered was Snidely, that is to say, Mitch, Whiplash, that is to say, McConnell’s plans to invoke the “nuclear option” in order to effect the appointment of the GOP’s candidate to the Supreme Court. This is not to say that Mr. Gorsuch is a terrible Justice before he has had a chance to cast his first vote; rather it is about the dismantling of the super-majority requirement that has kept any number of unworthy candidates off the bench, but will now give the green light for many more to come.

Also in one of the show’s segments (the one to be previewed here, as it turns out), Ms. Bee does a very clever profile on Ivanka Trump—all well and good, but isn’t her hubby the bigger story?

I realize that some of these ideas were a little close to deadline, but after seeing the excellent tribute the show paid to Mary Tyler Moore, so soon after she had passed away, we should realize that tight deadlines are not impossible obstacles.

Okay, enough grousing. I’m not even sure that grouse are in season. Let us take a look at the product we did get. Actually, it was not too bad.

First, we got the almost obligatory story on the Russian election meddling situation, which has referred to as “Stupid Watergate.” Like the 1973-1974 situation, this present one represents a very serious attempt to thwart the democratic process and looks to be something we will have to learn a lot more about before it is finally wrapped up. Because of that, it is fairly important that Samantha Bee and all of her ilk stay on top of the story.

As I said, the second segment was largely about Ivanka Trump, even if her daddy hogs a good portion of the vitriol. The host and her writers were able to make their points without being vindictive or vulgar, which is probably a good thing. Feel free to check it out, once the composer of this piece finishes with his yakkity-yak.

The third segment was also pretty good, even if it was a story that could afford to wait for a slower week, which, yes, I saw it as soon as I wrote it, with this administration, may never come. It was about a young man who invented another safe handgun (He is not the first), only to run into obstacles, not just from the NRA, but from an unexpected source and the reason why this segment was titled “You’re Not Helping.” It seems that New Jersey State Legislator Loretta Weinberg got a bill passed that dictated that, if a single smart gun becomes available anywhere in the nation, then only smart guns could be sold in New Jersey. Can you even imagine the boxcar loads of red meat that law threw to the NRA?

Of course, the show did make the point that, even without the unwitting assistance of Ms. Weinberg, the NRA will almost certainly fight this invention, not only tooth, but claw as well. See here’s the thing about Wayne LaPierre and his organization: they are not in business to protect Joe Deerslayer’s Second Amendment rights. They are out to line the pockets of the arms industry’s moguls, and nothing more. Any “safe” gun represents unwelcome competition, and therefore, must be seen for the instrument of Satan and his liberal minions that it is.

Well, this minion of Satan has gone on long enough. Catch the show if you missed it, fish or no fish.

Full Frontal, TBS, April 5, 2017

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