Full Frontal Episode Review: Samantha Bee and the Enemy of Her Enemy

Oddly enough, none of the three segments in the most recent edition of Full Frontal dealt directly with the daughter-in-law-elect* (or the President-elect, for that matter). That was quite a difficult feat, considering the situation.

Where an indirect reference to the toxic circus clown did make a notable appearance, was in the show’s second segment, where Samantha Bee sat down with former right-wing hatemonger, Glenn Beck. While both of them share a common disdain (bordering on panic) for D. Jamal Trump, their discussion was more wide-ranging, mostly concerning Beck’s conversion into something of a mainstream thinker.

These things do happen, from time to time, and usually for a reason. For example, it took the Watergate scandal to beat the Republican stuffing out of my late mother. On a more global scale, I note that former arch-segregationist Alabama Governor George Wallace ran his last campaign as a liberal. George Will suggested he adopt a slogan of, “Oh, go ahead and overcome.”

Getting back to Bee and Beck, it soon became clear that Glenn Beck would not likely be found marching shoulder-to-shoulder with Elizabeth Warren (You know, the new president for the year that makes a mockery out of your narrator’s vision). On the other hand, probably not with Sarah Palin either. All in all, it was an engaging and interesting discussion between two people (at the host’s insistence) dressed in tacky Christmas sweaters. That will be my pick for the weekly sample.

The first piece—entertaining enough—dealt with the cluster…um…occurrence within the politics of North Carolina, and there was certainly no dearth of subject matter. No need for a prolonged shot of Peter Griffin looking puzzled, for example, to fill the time.

The third piece was a clever answer to those who grumble that we are taking food from the mouths of our veterans to welcome Syrian terrorists (or “refugees,” as the lame-stream media calls them) to our shores. All three bits bear watching, as a matter of fact, and that should go down as a win.

Oh, one brief note about the ending tag. Like last week’s, the object was not to insert another joke, but to convey information—in this case useful. First, Samantha Bee and her staff will be absent until after the holidays, and why not? Who but an outright curmudgeon would begrudge our hard-working entertainers a rollicking Kwanzaa? The other bit of gnus you can exploit is that, when the show does come back in 2017, in will air on Wednesdays. Forewarned is to be half an octopus.

*- This is nothing more than your narrator showing off his stage experience by alleging some vague familiarity with W.S. Gilbert


Full Frontal, TBS, December 19, 2016

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Thomas Cleveland Lane

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