Full Frontal Episode Review: Dr. Bee Explains What Ailes Us

samantha bee full frontal

Your supposedly mature narrator likes to think he is above the lowly craft of the pun, but sometimes, when opportunities arise like the one on the September 19th broadcast of Full Frontal arise, he must yield to the weakness of the flesh.

The pun I am referring to is in regard to Samantha Bee’s second segment of that night’s show, concerning Roger Ailes, former top gun at Fox. In that segment, our host largely skipped over the whole sexual harassment business, of which we are all well aware, in or out of the great state of denial. Instead, she focused on his contributions to journalistic integrity, particularly in the area of presidential politics.

To tell the truth, I was not entirely sure what was tongue-in-cheek and what was tongue-thrust-out-of-mouth. I remain a little skeptical over her claim that Ailes engineered Richard Nixon’s famous cameo on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, chiefly because I wonder whether he would have been old enough to have that kind of clout with the then candidate. Keep in mind, I am only a few years younger than Mr. Ailes, and when Nixon’s spot aired, I was all of 23.

As to her other attributions of Ailes assistance to recent Republican candidates, she is probably doing more than making jokes.

I should point out that her segment on Ailes was only Part One of a two-parter. The rest went directly to YouTube and is available below.

In her first segment of Monday’s show, Ms. Bee expanded on her theme of the previous week that Matt Lauer is not the only media whore willing to coddle a certain toxic circus clown in the presidential race for the sake of boffo ratings. Based on the material she provided, it appears that NBC is the madam of that particular whorehouse, even if there is plenty of blame to go around. Hey, how about we stick to treating all politicians as candidates and not celebrities, who, unless you are an avid fan of the supermarket tabloids, are generally held a lot less accountable.

The other side in the race gets a bit of a swipe in the show’s third segment, not that Hillary Clinton herself is much implicated. Rather, the focus seems to be on a member of her team who may have a serious conflict of interest. As most of you, my vast dearth of readers know by now, I do not like spilt beans, so I would suggest you catch the show on the re-broadcast or online. Who knows? You may even like what you see.

Full Frontal, TBS, September 19, 2016

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    This is why you’re freelance.  Holy shit, that is some tortured prose.