So Fla Manicurist Comedy Coming to TNT From Rashida Jones

Although staying put in a South Florida nail salon, the Rashida Jones-produced pilot “Claws” has migrated from HBO to TNT and transformed from a half-hour comedy to an hourlong dramedy. The black comedy centers on a multi-racial ensemble of manicurists breaking the shadiest of glass ceilings- the world of organized crime.

Spawned from the screenwriter of “Welcome to Me”, but pilot newbie (and token white dude) Eliot Laurence, the show stars Niecy Nash as Desna Simms, the salon’s owner, and co-stars Carrie Preston, Judy Reyes (Nurse Carla from “Scrubs”-hell yes) and Harold Perrineau.

Not only does “Claws” add to Jones’ current roster of works, starring in “Angie Tribeca” most notably, but the show marks a shift into comedy for the network. Even if it’s a very dark comedy, unlike the lighthearted silliness of “Angie”, “Claws” is a new breed for the procedural-saturated channel.

10 episodes of “Claws” debut in 2017.

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Rachel Crowe

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