The Filtered Excellence: April 19th, 2018

Bob Geldof once asked us, “Where is the filtered excellence!?” It’s right here. Once a week we take a break from comedy to bring you this week’s picks of the best things to watch, the most interesting things to do, great things to try, the best picks to read, our favorite things to listen to and more.


Brockmire.  Everyone’s favorite unhinged broadcaster is back for a 2nd season.   Jim Brockmire’s (Hank Azaria) next stop on the road back to the bigs is in New Orleans, where he’s calling home games for the Atlanta Braves’ AAA team and hosting raucous live recordings of his podcast with his producer/roommate/handler Charles (Tyrel Jackson Williams).  When word hits that the Braves’ announcer job is up for grabs next season, Brockmire is convinced he’s a lock for it.  But the team’s new head of PR, Whitney (Dreama Walker) using analytics and numbers, turns it into an open competition between Brockmire and Raj (Utkarsh Ambudkar), the team’s more popular – and sober – road game play by play man.  Brockmire has to pull out all of the stops to get the gig – even as he’s openly embracing all of the vices that the Big Easy has to offer.  Whereas last season explored the relationship between Brockmire and the team, this season promises to focus more on the competition between the two broadcasters, Charles’ never ending pursuit to get Brockmire sober enough to get to the next level and, of course, trying to mend fences with Jules (Amanda Peet), the woman who put his career – and life – back on track, only to get left behind in Morristown.  Though the show is taking a decidedly darker turn, the laughs come fast and furious, with Azaria, as always, leading the charge.  There’s a reason why IFC committed to two more seasons:  It’s one of the best shows on TV.  Season 2 of Brockmire premieres April 25th at 10pm Eastern.  You can also go to to what Episode 1 online, extras and more information.

The Devil & Father Amorth.  When William Friedkin made The Exorcist, it was dramatized adaptation of William Peter Blatty’s novel.  Many of that film’s themes are back in his latest film, but this time, it’s in documentary form – and it’s the real deal.  Friedkin travels to Rome to meet Father Gabriele Amorth, the 91 year old exorcist of the Diocese of Rome, to discuss with him and others, the history of demonic possession and the methods that were employed to chase away these evil spirits.  The centerpiece of the documentary is when Friedkin – acting as a one man camera crew –  accompanies Amorth to document an actual exorcism.  What he captures will that will shock even the staunchest non-believer.  Friedkin, who led the ‘New Hollywood’ movement with The French Connection and The Exorcist, continues his recent streak of brilliance with a gonzo return to his documentary roots that puts you right into the belly of the beast.   His matter of fact, take no prisoners approach is perfectly suited for the subject matter, making this a trip into a supernatural that will stay with you long after viewing.  Another winner from an all-time great.  The Devil & Father Amorth opens  in select theaters April 20th and will be available on ITunes April 24th.

I Am Evidence.  DNA evidence contained in rape kits can validate a survivor’s story, exonerate the innocent, and identity serial offenders.  So why have hundreds of thousands of kits remain untested across the United States?  That’s what drives this new HBO documentary produced and featuring Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit).  It shows how because jurisdictions don’t track rape kits, most states don’t require testing and even more don’t prohibit its destruction, many kits remain shelved for years.  This backlog leaves no closure for survivors and worse, leaving perpetrators of violent sexual crimes remaining free to attack again.  It also introduces viewers to several survivors who are awaiting justices along with the prosecutors, investigators, advocates and journalists standing along side them trying to cut through the web of legal red tape.  This is a doc that will inform and outrage, inspiring everyone to get involved and shed more light on this long festering problem.  I Am Evidence is airing on HBO, HBO Go and HBO Now.   You can also go to more information.


Record Store Day.  Originally conceived to help support and celebrate independent record stores, Record Store Day has also evolved to celebrate the relationship between artists and their fans.  Whether you are a hardcore collector and diving into music buying for the first time, it’s a great opportunity to purchase CD, vinyl and cassette singles, live tracks, EP’s and albums from artists across every musical spectrum.  As its been the case in recent years, many of the tracks that will be available were created and curated by the artists specifically for the day.  The equalvent of Christmas for anyone who loves music.  Record Store Day will take place this Saturday.  You can go to for updates, a list of participating stores, available items and more information.

New York City.  David Bowie Is Here.  As a companion piece to the ongoing exhibit, David Bowie Is, The Brooklyn Museum has teamed up with Spotify and the MTA to transform the Broadway-Lafayette subway station into a mini exhibit honoring Bowie and his ties to New York City.   It will include fan-made works, reproductions of many of the pieces that are part of the Brooklyn Museum exhibit and printed quotes from Bowie about how much he loved his adopted home city.  Each work will also contain a special code that will attendees to listen a playlist of select Bowie songs.  There will also be Bowie themed Metrocards if you need to ride the rails.  Bowie considered New York City his true home and this is a fitting tribute to one of its greatest adopted sons.  David Bowie Is Here will be up through May 13th.

New York City.  Pen America World Voices Festival.  Founded by Salman Rushdie, Esther Allen and Michael Roberts in the wake of the 9/11, this festival has emerged as America’s premier literary festival attracting some of the best writers from all over the world.  This year’s theme is ‘Resist & Reimagine’ with readings focusing on themes ranging from the #MeToo movements, the 50th Anniversary of the passing of Martin Luther King, Jr, fighting online hate to the importance of free speech.  Along with a variety of world class writers scheduled to appear, the festival will close out with former Secretary Of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton discuss the role of free speech in a democratic society.  Whether you are a fan of fiction, poetry and observational journalism, this is a must see event.  Pen America World Voices Festival runs through April 22nd.  You can also go to for a complete list of events, tickets and more information.

New York City.  We Come In Peace.  Created by Huma Bhabha, the latest installation in the Metropolitan Museum Of Art’s Roof Garden takes its inspiration from a variety of sources.  It’s name is taken from the 1951 Sci-Fi classic The Day The Earth Stood Still, while the sculptures – a 12 foot tall five-headed intersex figure and the 18 foot long prostrate named Benaam – takes it cues ranging from ancient African and Indian sculptures to Jean-Michel Basquiat and David Hammons.  Conceived to appear as they have just landed on The Met’s roof, it conjures up a variety of themes and interpretations including subjugation and supplication; respect, fear and/or adoration; social upheaval and displacement; gender roles and power, plus much more.  Like all great art, this is will encourage to pause, ponder and inspire.  We Come In Peace will be at The Metropolitan Museum Of Art through October 28th.  You can also go to for tickets and more information.

New York City.  Liquid Sky.  Slavs Tsukerman’s 1982 cult classic gets an exclusive New York premiere engagement at Quad Cinema.  It captures New York City at the height of the punk and New Wave movement and has everything from outrageous clothes and haircuts, aliens who crave heroin and a villain who can kill people by having sex with them.  Featuring Anne Carlisle in the androgynous roles of Margaret and Jimmy, this is a wonderful time capsule that has been giving a glorious 4K restoration.  A film that begs to be seen on the big screen.  Liquid Sky will be at Quad Cinema through April 26th.  You can also go to for tickets and more information.

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