Eddie Izzard to Hold Brief, Intimate Tour to Promote Upcoming Memoir

While many stars opt to write a memoir at one point or another, not all of them are always that interesting. Some, however, have led a life that seems like it was tailor-made to be put down on paper. is one of those people.

Izzard’s memoir, called Believe Me: A Memoir of Love, Death and Jazz Chickens, is due out on June 13th, and the comedian plans on promoting the occasion with a brief, once-in-a-lifetime tour across the U.S. Between June 14th and the 22nd, Izzard will make six stops in various parts of the country to hold intimate events in which he will read excerpts from the book, perform stand-up, discuss his personal/professional life, share private photos from his 30+ year career, and conduct a Q&A with fans.

The trajectory of Izzard’s life is an immensely interesting one. Born in Yemen before bouncing around to Ireland, Wales and England, Izzard was going to school to be an accountant when he dropped out to pursue street comedy along with friend Rob Ballard. From there, he moved to the theaters and comedy clubs of London and New York, starring in various plays, including playing comedian Lenny Bruce in the stage show Lenny. His career only skyrocketed from there, as his unique stream-of-consciousness style of delivery and bold political and social commentary put him on the map. He was one of the first highly-visible transgender performers in Hollywood, famously performing on stage and speaking at events sporting high heels and makeup, and has been a force for social change for 20+ years. The man has led an immensely interesting life, and now he stands poised to share it all with his fans.

Believe Me: A Memoir of Love, Death and Jazz Chickens will be released on June 13th. Below are the dates for Izzard’s appearances in the U.S. Tickets for the events can be bought here.

Venue                                    City                            Bookstore Partner

6/14   The Town Hall         New York, NY         The Strand

6/15   Lincoln Theatre       Washington DC       Politics and Prose

6/18    Dobson HS Aud     Phoenix, AZ           Changing Hands

6/20   The Moore Theatre Seattle, WA           Third Place Books

6/21   Nourse Theatre       San Francisco, CA The Booksmith

6/22   John Hancock Hall Boston, MA             Harvard Book Store

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