Doug Benson Claims He’s Not High on JKL, You Be the Judge

Arriving with his gavel in-hand and wearing his judge’s garb from his new Comedy Central series, The High Court which combines the best of legal themed reality shows with getting high, Doug Benson joined for an interview about his new show on Tuesday night. Although his eyes were barely able to open and the parts that were visible being bright red, Doug Benson swore to Kimmel that he was not high at the moment while taping their conversation, saying “I’m a professional”. Doug, did however, confess to being high before he voted that day and he wasn’t sure if he voted for or against the marijuana referendums that were on the ballot.

Doug talked to Jimmy Kimmel about his new series plus a cruise he hosted with the band 311 which was loaded with plenty of like-minded weed loving fans. You can watch the clips below to find out exactly what the phrase, “Washy Washy, Happy Happy” means in cruise ship pot-head lingo. However, if you live in the Tampa Bay area, you may end up offended.

When it comes to The High Court, Doug Benson explained how the show works and how sometimes he judges cases with a high mentality that would rival the wisdom of King Solomon.

The High Court with Doug Benson is on week nights at Midnight on Comedy Central.