Danny McBride Reveals the Phobia He Didn’t Know He Had on Kimmel Live

Danny McBride joined on Tuesday night to talk about his new film, Alien:Covenant, a huge departure from the comedy films and TV series he’s known for. Working with the master of science-fiction horror, Ridley Scott who is back at the helm of this latest edition in his Alien film series, has earned Danny some respect, at least from his parents. Danny McBride told Jimmy Kimmel, “To them, this is the first real movie I’ve been in.”

As thrilled as Danny was to be cast in the sci-fi action film, he found out something about himself while working on the project. He discovered that he had a phobia which he had never experienced before, at least not while shooting any of his comedies. It turns out that Danny McBride is claustrophobic.

Ridley Scott makes sure everything is as real as it can be while shooting a film. So for Alien: Covenant, there was as little green screen film magic as possible. Danny had an actual spaceship to fly, a person in an Alien costume to battle instead of just a “tennis ball” on a string and he in some scenes, he was put in a spacesuit, which was fine until they lowered the visor on his space helmet. Danny said, “And I’m just there walking around. You can’t touch your face. You can’t get out of it. And I just am having kind of a mild freakout in there the whole time.” He added that he just used his desire for a Xanax in his performance. So, when you see Danny McBride’s anxiety while hunting the Alien creature, you’ll know that’s not just spectacular acting. That’s a real need for some sedatives.

Danny McBride also talked to Jimmy Kimmel about how he grew up loving the Truly Tasteless Jokes series of books. He recently bought copies of these books on eBay and has been enjoying them around the house and now the books haven’t only had an influence on Danny McBride, but also on his 5 year old son who repeated one of the tasteless jokes in his Pre-Kindergarten class. That resulted in Danny’s wife getting a talking to by little Declan McBride’s teacher. If you’d like to hear the punchline to the joke Danny’s son told his Pre-K class, “What’s the difference between a wife and a girlfriend?”, feel free the watch the clips below from the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube channel.

Danny McBride stars in Alien: Covenant along with Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston and Billy Crudup, premiering in theaters nationwide on Friday, May 19th.




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