Dana Gould Performs Stand Up on Conan

dana gould

Host of “The Hour” and Los Angeles stand-up show “The Tinkle Twins” re-entered post-election society for a set on Tuesday night to discuss all manner of swamp creatures. Snakes are “ropes that hate you”, alligators are “leather gorillas that can chase you across golf courses”and crocodiles exist “for the sole reason you can think you’re being eaten by an alligator and you’re wrong.” As far as human swamp creatures, Gould planned to make “bad apples into applesauce” by “using baby Hitler as a club to beat baby Manson”. This was after a friend showed Gould the cutest old-timey baby on his phone that was actually Charles Manson and Gould thought “screw that baby-If I ever met that baby, I’d kick it right in the throat”.

His appearance on the talk show came only a few weeks after the debut of IFC’s “Stan Against Evil”, on which Gould serves as program creator. The comedy first aired on Halloween and follows two New England sheriffs fighting a plague of demons unleashed on their town that’s also the site of a 17th century massive witch burning.


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