Dan Cummins Shares Relationship Advice in Exclusive Clip from New Special

Comedian Dan Cummins, best known as the host of The Playboy Morning Show and the podcast Timesuck, is set to release a new special this month, and we’ve got an exclusive preview from it to share with you. In the clip, Cummins describes his girlfriend’s complaints about how bad of a listener he is, brought about he says, by the fact that she “needs to tell better, shorter stories.” This is textbook Cummins, who is as much at home talking about relationship woes as he is discussing gun laws. His comedy is straightforward, relatable, and simply hilarious.

While you may not recognize Cummins at first, you’ve likely seen or heard something that he’s had a hand in. He’s had both a Half Hour and hour-long comedy specials shot with Comedy Central, appeared on Ari Shaffir’s This is Not Happening, and has made several appearances on talk shows like , The Tonight Show (both under O’Brien and Leno), and The Late, Late Show. Beyond that, he’s either written or produced episodes for shows like Town of the Living Dead, Raising Expectations, Duck Dynasty, and Porter Ridge. In short, he’s a super creative and driven guy, and it shows in his comedy.

His new special, Don’t Wake the Bear, is being released via Comedy Dynamics on April 18th. Below is an exclusive clip from the special.


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Bill Tressler

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