Conan to Voice Lead in Sci Fi Animated Series

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TBS delves further into the unknown realms of deep-space and animation with an order for a season of “Final Space”, starring the voice of O’Brien. Set to premiere in 2018, the comedy follows Gary and Mooncake, his pet planet-destroyer, as they quest to the ends of the universe. The series will be produced with ’s Conaco, and New Form in association with Turner’s Studio T and creator Olan Rogers.

The show was up to be purchased by several other networks before making its home at TBS in the hands of long-time talk show host Conan O’Brien. Besides a few appearances on “The ”, Conan’s main job has been as star of his talk show since 1993. However, O’Brien’s name is attached to more than a few recent projects as executive producer; there’s the recently-debuting comedy “People of Earth” on TBS and the announced TV movies “Zone Lord”, “Most Likely”, “Bob’s New Heart Show” and “Courtship of Eddie’s Father”. While Conan’s spreading his reach with these projects and “Final Space”, it’ll be interesting to see whether these projects co-exist with “Conan”, or form a support net to replace the uniquely goofy talk show.

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  1. Drewdith

    December 3, 2016 at 5:44 pm

    Does this mean that Olan won’t be voicing Gary?!