Conan Announces New Four Year Deal and Plans to Branch Out

TBS is continuing their commitment to comedy this year and at the top of their comedy food chain sits O’Brien. He may not have the Tonight Show, but with Turner he is developing a small empire. O’Brien appeared at today’s Turner Upfronts presentation to announce the four year deal, and to say that he’s planning to extend the show’s reach into digital content, podcasting, gaming, pay-TV and live events.

No details were given about how Conan will branch out, but today’s presentation left no doubt that Turner is very happy with Conan’s trips outside the studio, and outside the country, and that he is a capturing a very young millennial audience.

Team Coco also produces another popular series on TBS, “People of Earth” which stars stand up comedy star and rising television personality Wyatt Cenac. Conan’s production team is also launching an animated series, “Final Space.”

Change was the buzzword for everyone at today’s upfronts, and nowhere was that more evident than with Conan. It looks like the show and its offshoots will be pursuing a very advertiser friendly approach, and you can expect to see ads blending in with content in different formats going forward.

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