Comic Dave Hill Releases Two Singles From His New Band

Comedian is one of those select few who can truly refer to themselves as a “Jack-of-all-trades.” Hill is a successful comic who hosts his own podcast (Dave Hill’s Podcasting Incident), radio show (The Goddamn Dave Hill Show), a UCB Theater show (The Dave Hill Explosion), and has made appearances on television shows like @midnight and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. Outside of his comedy, he’s also a published writer who’s written for outlets like The New York Times and The Huffington Post and has even had two collections of essays published. On top of that, he’s also an accomplished musician, having played in several successful bands, such as Sons of Elvis in the 90’s and the current-day Valley Lodge which, most recently, wrote the theme music for ’s Last Week Tonight on HBO.

Simply put, Hill doesn’t seem to know how to sit still. Case in point: Hill has teamed up with legendary metal drummer Chris Seifert (Death, Autopsy) to form an (as of now) two-piece band called Painted Doll. While both musicians are huge death metal fans, is was actually old British psych pop that brought the two together.

Talking to (BrooklynVegan’s) Klaus Kinski, Hill had this to say of the band’s origin:

“It kind of started after Chris and I began trying to out-deep cut each other with late 60s/early 70s Dutch and British psych pop stuff. Then Chris suggested we form a band inspired by the stuff we’d been trading. We met a year ago in San Antonio at an Autopsy show, practiced four times together, and recorded all the music on the album in three days, then did vocals after. So it was fast!”

The duo have released two singles from that three days of recording, Carousel and Together Alone; check them out below!

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Bill Tressler

Bill is a writer and comedy enthusiast from New York. An avid gamer and podcast fan, he strives to always toe the line between charming irreverence and grating honesty.