Comedy Central to Air Barstool Sports Super Bowl Week Special

Comedy Central has just announced that it’s got a little something special lined up for sports fans in just a few weeks time. The network is teaming up with sports blog Barstool Sports to put on a week of live events called The Barstool Rundown: Live From Houston.

The four-night event, which airs from January 30th to February 2nd, will follow Barstool Sports personalities Dave Portnoy, Dan Katz and Kevin Clancy as they traverse the streets and sports bars of Houston (where the Super Bowl is taking place) during the week leading up to the big game. The trio will report the likely-innocent, totally-sober antics of Houston’s sports fans (and themselves) with the signature brand of “everyman” humor that has made them one of the most popular destinations for sports news around.

“We created the Rundown in 2013 to bring to life the biggest topics from the blog,” said Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports. “We’ve filmed it most everywhere – our apartments, Barstool’s original office in Milton, MA, on the Golden Gate Bridge, in the back of my 1980 Bronco. We’re excited to bring Barstool, our crowd and the Rundown to Comedy Central live from Houston.”

To see all of the screaming men, drunken antics and random shots of blondes in cowboy boots that your heart desires, be sure to tune in to Barstool Rundown: Live From Houston on Comedy Central at midnight on Monday, January 30th.

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Bill Tressler

Bill is a writer and comedy enthusiast from New York. An avid gamer and podcast fan, he strives to always toe the line between charming irreverence and grating honesty.