Comedians Share Love for Don Rickles on Twitter

As the news of legendary comedian ’ passing spread across the internet, Twitter exploded with his fellow comedians wanting to pour out their love and respect for the man known as “Mr. Warmth”. The tweets, which you can see below, were filled with some common words to describe this uncommonly funny, funny man. Words that keep coming up on Twitter to describe include “legend”, “big-hearted”, “sweet” and “insult”. That last word may stick out from the others, but that’s just a testament to how funny was; that he could be so vicious on stage and yet touch so many hearts of his many fans and comic admirers.

Several of the tweets include comedians’ favorite photos and clips of Don Rickles in action. Some tweeted about cherishing the time they got to meet or work with Don, while others are lamenting the fact that they’ll never get to have that opportunity now. Here’s just some of the tweets that profess the love given to a man who changed the words “hockey puck” from a piece of sports equipment to a hilarious insult. #RIPDonRickles.