Comedians Reacting to The Daily Beast Outing 55 Year Old “Millennial” Comedian

This is the strangest story you’ll read this week, and that includes the story about the President-Elect gloating over the Apprentice’s bad ratings. For those unfamiliar Dan Nainan is a comedian with a penchant for telling tall tales and getting quoted by major media representing himself as a millennial. He’s been discussed in the Chicago Tribune, on Vocativ, in Forbes, Business Insider, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and more publications, always as a different age. AP quoted him as a 35 year old undecided voter in November, Vocativ included him as a 35 year old Obama supporter who voted for Trump, Forbes described him as a senior engineer who quit his tech job to tell jokes by the age of 35. The Daily Beast did some investigating and discovered that “millennial Dan Nainan” is actually 55 years old, backing it up with evidence including traffic tickets, and an incident report following a bizarre fight where Nainan punched a reporter in the face, and they outed him to other media and the public.

Comedians have been on to him for years and he’s been somewhat of an inside joke particularly among younger comics who have been cracking jokes on social media long before the Daily Beast article. There’s even a website noted in the Daily Beast article tracking Nainan’s age called and a Twitter account based on the joke of Dan’s age.

You see 100% clean comedian Dan Nainan has been accused of fake Twitter followers, fights with comedians, absurd email chains calling out other comics, calling them drunks and addicts, and bragging about his own allegedly exaggerated or fabricated accomplishments, and even challenging them to physical confrontations. Then there are the comments about flying first class, getting an endorsement from the President and driving a Tesla.

Comedians reactions range from amused to annoyed to just hoping he doesn’t profit from this. The Daily Beast article quotes comic J-L Cauvin, as saying he just hopes Nainan doesn’t end up getting a movie deal out of all of this. “It’s like Catch Me if You Can,” he said.“If your article ends up being a big thing, the real joke is that he’ll end up optioning his story,” said Cauvin. “Then he really will be rich.”

Read the full article at The Daily Beast and see what comedians are saying about the story below.

Long before the article, comedians were on to Nainan…

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