Colbert Reunites With The Daily Show’s Stewart, Bee, Oliver, Helms & Corddry

If the key ingredient for a good party is the people that are invited, then threw one really great party on Tuesday night!

To celebrate his 20th anniversary of doing late night comedy, beginning with his start on Comedy Central’s Daily Show, Stephen Colbert invited the man who transformed the Daily Show into one of the most influential mixes of comedy and politics that television has ever seen, along with some of its most distinguished alumni, to be guests on Late Show on CBS. , Samantha Bee, , Ed Helms and Rob Corddry joined Colbert for a reunion to reminisce about their days at Comedy Central.

Colbert took the former Daily Show cast down memory lane while sitting on a pit-group set couch that reminded the host of a cheesy morning talk show that he and his associates would have made fun of in the day. Actually, it looked a little bit more like the stylings of Merv Griffin’s set.

The group began the reminiscing by acknowledging that the pre-Jon Stewart Daily Show, (hosted for 3 years by Craig Kilborn) really doesn’t exist anymore in the eyes of Comedy Central. Colbert then rolled a montage of guests’ very early field pieces that they did as Daily Show correspondents. Yeah, to their credit, they really haven’t age that much. The field pieces involved getting moles removed, gay penguins and Spider-Man, among others. The group then traded war stories which you can watch in the clips below via YouTube, about some of the dangers they encountered while trying to create mockumentary style comedy news reports.

Samantha Bee (now the host of Full Frontal on TBS) had one of the more interesting stories to trade with the group. She talked about an interview she did with a Florida (naturally) political candidate who ran on an anti-gay platform because lesbians nauseated him. However, as badly as gay women affected him, he was still able to try to arrange a foursome involving Ms. Bee and another couple friend of his. John Oliver (host of Last Week Tonight on HBO) said, the field pieces never bothered him since he’s British and thus dead inside.

Jon Stewart’s biggest complaint about the reunion was how well everyone else on the Late Show stage had aged and how he looks like (to use his own words), a handful a potpourri. Rob Corddry (Hot Tub Time Machine) chalked up their preserved states to the L.A. lifestyle. Then he and John Oliver both rubbed their noses. Watch for the end clip where Stephen Colbert goes out playing the video of his favorite segment he ever did with Jon Stewart.

Also included in the clips below, are a flashback sketch that guests did with Stephen Colbert which takes them back to lunchroom on Stephen’s last day before starting “The Colbert Report“. Who is it that’s been eating all their yogurts!? And a one-on-one interview Colbert did with Jon Stewart before he brought all his guests out on stage. In the interview which was more topical than the reunion segments, Stewart brought up the recent outrage against Colbert for a Trump – Putin joke that he made last week. They also talked about fired FBI director James Comey, Bill O’Reilly’s termination at FOX News, and Stewart’s current lifestyle and oddly enough, how his kisses feel.

Also below, see a Daily Show All-Star group selfie posted on the Late Show‘s Instagram account.

Name a better squad than this. We'll wait #LSSC 💁‍♂️⏱

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