Clusterfest is Planning a Comedy Food Court to Serve Up Comedy Foods


Along with an insanely talented lineup of comics and musicians, Comedy Central’s upcoming inaugural Colossal Clusterfest comedy festival will feature comedy tv-themed local food and drink.” In their initial announcement of the festival, Comedy Central alluded to some “interactive attractions” that were themed after various iconic locations from beloved comedy shows such as South Park, , and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Now we know what they meant.

San Francisco is known as a hub of quality food, and the city’s local chefs are promising to bring to life some of the foods you remember from 3 favorite TV shows. The festival will feature a handful of locations like Paddy’s Pub from It’s Always Sunny and Casa Bonita from South Park, all selling themed foods provided by local professionals. Below is a list of food and beverage locations that will be found at the event:

South Park:

Casa Bonita, serving food from Tacolicious

Tweek Bros. Coffee, serving coffee from Four Barrel Coffee

Les Bos, serving drinks from Hotsy Totsy Club

Raisins, serving Mister Jiu’s signature wings

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

This attraction will be a full-scale replica of the famous Paddy’s Pub featuring show-themed foods like Rum Ham, Grilled Charlie’s, Beef and Beer, and Wine-in-a-Can, alongside a selection of games and attractions such as Flipadelphia, show trivia, plus some live music and “surprise guests.” Please be Danny DeVito, please be Danny DeVito


In addition to a replica of Jerry’s apartment, the festival will also be offering up food from two famed locations in the show: Monk’s Café, which will feature foods like Black and White cookies, Babkas and the Big Salad, and “The Soup Nazi” stand, where The Soup Nazi himself, Larry Thomas, will (or maybe won’t) serve fans a selection soups and stews, perfect to stave off that chilly bay wind.

Of course, you can’t go to northern California and not try some of the region’s famous wine. On top of all these themed restaurants, the festival will also feature a spot called The Corkscrew, which will offer a wide selection of Napa Valley and Bay Area wines, culminating in “El Cavino,” which is apparently a 1969 souped-up El Camino that will somehow be involved in the process of serving sparkling wine. Yeah, this place sounds nuts.

For tickets and more information on the festival, which will be taking place from June 2nd — 4th, click here. To get an idea of what Comedy Central has planned for the event, check out the trailer below:

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