Chris Gethard Wants to Hear About Your Dreams…Really He Does

It’s a universal thing- everyone has dreams they want to talk about. It’s equally universal that nobody wants to hear you talk about your dreams. Good news, Chris Gethard is listening.

Comedian Chris Gethard– already known for bringing the weirdness of his audience into the show experience with The Chris Gethard Show- is about to do it again.  He’s announced a brand new podcast, In Your Dreams with Chris Gethard, where he will explore the twisted minds of his listeners. And if you know Gethard’s audience then you also know you can expect to hear about dreams that are a lot more interesting than you chasing your neighbor’s cat or showing up naked at school.

The eight-episode series will be hosted on Earwolf, and be fully sponsored by a mattress company.

Most of the dream sharing will not be a live back and forth engagement; listeners will share their memorable dreams and nightmares via voicemail and then Gethard and his team will attempt to analyze the submissions. UCB comedian Gary Richardson will co-host and co-analyze with Gethard and special guest appearances come from Bobby Moynihan and Wyatt Cenac, who have dreams of their own to share.

“We are putting our listeners, real-world people, on a pedestal and inviting them to contribute to this podcast in which together we will enter the dreamscape itself,” Gethard said. “The fine folks at Casper are both sleep experts and arts supporters, and it’s so kind of them to bring this project into existence. Plus, Gary Richardson is a genius both comedically and dream-analytically, and I’m thrilled to share his expertise with the world.”

Gethard is one of the most interesting people in comedy, with a critically acclaimed show on Fusion- The Chris Gethard Show; an outstanding off-broadway one man show running in New York City through January 8th – Chris Gethard: Career Suicide;  a role on Comedy Central’s hottest show- Broad City, and he co-starred in Mike Birbiglia’s summer movie, Don’t Think Twice.

The first episode of “In Your Dreams” is available now on iTunes, Stitcher and other podcast platforms. Earwolf will release new episodes weekly through Jan. 30, 2017.

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