Chris Gethard Goes Dark on Conan

Chris Gethard appeared on on Monday night to promote his new special premiering soon on HBO, “Career Suicide“. In his one-man off-Broadway hit show turned premium cable special, Chris Gethard takes on the darkest elements of his life and turns them into a hilarious one hour show. Few people have the talent, ability and humor to take incredibly sad circumstances and spin them into comedy gold, but that’s exactly what Chris Gethard can do. However on his Conan appearance, Chris Gethard didn’t exactly brighten things up either.

Here’s an example of how sad and yet hysterical Chris Gethard’s life and career have been. Conan’s other couch guest that night was a favorite punching bag of the host’s, Jack McBrayer. However, it turns out that Chris Gethard used to get teased by McBrayer years ago when they did improv comedy together. McBrayer would ridicule Gethard about his homegrown New Jersey accent. It’s pretty sad when it turns out that Jack McBrayer was once your bully. It’s important to note that the two are old friends and truly like each other.

Chris Gethard talked about his recent trip to Ireland where his family is from and where he was able to visit his grandfather’s home village. This wasn’t the happiest of topics. Gethard described Ireland as “…the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. The kindest people I’ve ever met and you are always 30 seconds away from the saddest conversation you’ve ever had.” The stories of his grandfather’s days in Ireland were not happy tales at all. They included bombings, gun play, fist fights with Protestants, near drownings and blindness. Chris also discussed his own life and the hideously degrading auditions that he went on for TV commercial work.

Discussing his new HBO special, “Career Suicide“, Chris told Conan about some of the side effects of the psychotropic drugs he took while battling depression. This was part of his one-man show which he performed before it was shot for HBO. The side effects could be embarrassing for most people and one night while performing that part of the show, Chris realized he had made full eye contact with someone special in the audience. You can find out who by watching the Conan clips below from

Chris Gethard’s hit show “Career Suicide” premieres on Saturday, May 6th at 10pm and only on HBO.

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