Chelsea Gets Hosed in Season Two Premiere

It’s unclear whether “Chelsea” is sticking to its original “we’re not like any other talk show” premise or having fun being another talk show, but season two is underway. Chelsea got hosed down car wash style by uniformed car wash worker (unclear what role he has on “Chelsea” if any past in-house crossovers and if Chelsea will help promote upcoming Sandler/Netflix vehicle “Sandy Wexler”) and interviewed the cast of “Nobodies”. The most notable “Nobody” is who shared a genuinely adorable vomit story about throwing up in Ben Falcone’s parents’ yard many times, years before ever falling in love with their son.

Comedy and politics, two of Chelsea’s favorite topics, combine in a discussion with Matt Walsh from “Veep”. As a fictional White House Press Secretary, Walsh has been bombarded with tweets comparing his job performance to his real-life counterpart with Spicer unfortunately failing.

All of this is entertaining stuff, but interviewing actors with funny anecdotes, about their roles on television is pretty standard for a talk show. The line up for future episodes is also actor-heavy, with political figures peppered in (Congresswoman Linda Sánchez, 2016 Independent Presidential Candidate Evan McMullin, etc.) That normal-ness wouldn’t be a complaint if “Chelsea” hadn’t been so gung-ho about its own self-proclaimed individuality for the first season, but perhaps that marketing technique was a survival strategy to ensure attention in its freshman season. Anyway, “Chelsea” is back now and only has itself to top.

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Rachel Crowe

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