Chelsea Announces Season Two Plans From Somewhere Snowy

Netflix’s flagship talk show “Chelsea” is making a change. The series will now deliver an hour long episode once a week for its official second season instead of season one’s odd Wednesday through Friday schedule. Netflix also announced a return date- Friday, April 14th, 2017. Chelsea herself delivered the message via video from a snow covered plain with mountains behind her. She doesn’t say where she is, but if she recorded this while in Montana, it looks a bit like Blackfeet Country.

Handler’s been hard at work shooting the talk show and documents all of it on her Snapchat channel, where she also practices rapping, documents her dog’s health and taunts her personal employees and writers on the show. She hasn’t hinted at the content of her upcoming segments beyond a few small reveals; most notably traveling to India and later, home in LA again, Handler appeared in an American-flag dress.

Today, Handler’s Snapchat revealed that she is in Montana where she’s interviewing Native American leaders; this fits in line with Handler’s interest in race relations. Netflix has promised the second season will include a visit to Washington DC, trips abroad to Europe, and an expansion of Chelsea’s unorthodox segments with more field pieces that double as dinner parties.

The melding of “Chelsea” the show and Chelsea the woman continues, new episodes airing every Friday.



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  1. FlabbyTitsMcgee

    February 16, 2017 at 8:35 pm

    Surprised she doesn’t have her flapjack titties out for once.