Check Our Feed: What Our Favorite Comedians Tweeted About The 2017 Oscars!

We love our Twitter feed. We follow 2100 comedians on Twitter, plus have a few lists to keep track of the best of the best, so you can’t beat our feed when it comes to reading the funniest reactions to big group events. Last night, we watched the Academy Awards along with many of those 2100 comedian friends who posted on Twitter, and it definitely made the evening more interesting.

We can sum up the biggest moments of the Oscars pretty quickly: THEY FUCKED UP THE BEST PICTURE AWARD and every single person with access to Twitter ran for the same 3 jokes- why couldn’t this happen during the election, can we recheck ____ (insert favorite movie or actor who didn’t win something, ever) and Steve Harvey.

There were other flashpoints that everyone tweeted about- Halle Berry’s hair and Jeff Bridges beard, Judah Friedlander caught ’s writers lifting a few jokes (or at least unaware that they had already been done, and prominently), there was a massive divide on whether that bit bringing tour bus patrons in to the Oscars was the funniest thing that’s ever happened, or really offensive, and while most comedians were tweeting that Kimmel did a tremendous job, a few weren’t happy about what they called cheap and easy jokes.

We chose some of our favorite tweets to share- these are the funniest tweets we saw with a few of the most controversial thrown in for good measure. If there was a Tweeter MVP, it might have to go to Mike Lawrence, who should have been writing for Kimmel.

The Pre-Shows and Red Carpet

The Musical Opening Number

Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscar Open

The Awards

The Tour Bus Bit

More Awards

Best Picture