Tracy Morgan Goes Deep on Race Wars

tracy morgan race wars

Does Serious Time with Kurt and Sherrod on Race Wars

If you’re wondering whether a man who had every bone in has face shattered (among dozens of other critical injuries) a year and a half ago could possibly have “it” back, wonder no more. Tracy Morgan walked into the Sirius XM studios for Race Wars guns blazing and didn’t stop for two hours that had the whole room and the Race Wars live audience cracking up the entire time.

After a moving first interview on the Today Show and his SNL reunion, this was Tracy’s first chance to both talk about what happened and let loose comedically at the same time. He almost got choked up a few times, most notably while talking about the heartfelt NY Post piece Race Wars co-host wrote on his return to the SNL stage and discussing his first time back onstage at The Comedy Cellar. Though he never stayed serious for too long, quickly tagging that story with– “I feel bad for the comedian who had to follow me. I mean, how do you follow the human spirit?” — and co-host Kurt Metzger picking up the ball and running with it, “Two things I never want to follow – the human spirit and tits.”

The entire show, Tracy was by turns serious about loving your fellow man and very serious about “loving on” your fellow woman. He would punctuate an anecdote about not keeping people at arm’s length with a raunchy quip like “My tongue is insured by Lloyd’s of London!” or “I beat off all day every day in the hospital!” or even “Men never lose their fear of pussy. It’s like the Apollo. I’ve put my dick in a woman and had her boo me!” He even wooed fellow guest porn star Lisa Ann with the same charmingly deep and bawdy mix – complimenting her beaming smile then telling her he’d like her to dress up like a Girl Scout so they can role play and “have sex and eat cookies all day!”

The show is full of outrageously funny pronunciations on love, sex and life, plus the fun moment when Tracy learns Lisa Ann played in the porn parody of 30 Rock. It’s available today at Stand Up NY Labs and well worth the listen.

tracy morgan on race wars

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