Carmen Lynch Performs Stand Up on the Late Show

took the stage at the Ed Sullivan Theater, Friday night on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and used it as a forum to discuss the things she loves and the things she hates in this world. Her very funny list included dating older guys now. Carmen explained that after her most recent birthday, she’s at the point where she enjoys dating both fathers and sons. She added that there’s something charming about a man who’s at the age where he knows his dreams will never come true. When it comes to older men, Carmen Lynch says “Yesterday’s ‘eww’ is tomorrow’s ‘ahh’.”

On the “hate” side of things, Carmen hates the term “near-sighted” and has a much better alternative for it. She also hates cats, but loves dogs and she somehow was able to connect that to how lesbians feel about guys. You can watch the clip below to see how. Warning however; if you’re a cat lover you might not appreciate this portion of her set. Carmen is also no fan of people who can sleep through anything and brag about it. She explains the fate that is awaiting these champion sleepers.  Carmen also talked about being in therapy which is a requirement for people living in New York City. She loves dream interpretation as part of her therapy. Finally, she wrapped up her time talking about her first ever horse and carriage ride. Stick around till the end to hear how to flirt with the guy taking the horse’s temperature.

Carmen Lynch just wrapped up her shows at the NYC’s Comedy Cellar. Next on her schedule is some dates in the Midwest, before touring in the U.K. this summer. Her special, Dance Like You Don’t Need The Money is currently available on iTunes.

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  1. Leeshitdick

    February 26, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    She’s like an unfunny Jim Norton