Carl Reiner Falls Down Flight of Stairs, Still Does Conan Show

Normally, when your average 94 year old falls down a flight of stairs, the results aren’t good. But in this particular case, it was no ordinary 94 year old. This was television and comedy legend who took a tumble down a flight of stairs, landed on his back and shook it off knowing he was scheduled to appear on on Monday night and he didn’t want to miss it.

After Carl’s fall, there was no concussion, no broken hip, not a scratch and no pain and the multiple Emmy Award winner chalked it up to doing a routine of stretches every day before he even gets out of bed. A routine he’s been doing for well over 50 years ever since he hurt his back, decades ago when he was 30. Oddly enough, the stretches that Carl Reiner claims saved his life (and his Conan appearance) are all illustrated through photos in his new book he’s promoting, “Carl Reiner, Now You’re Ninety-Four: A Graphic Diary“. He showed the photos off to Conan O’Brien who described the 94 year old’s poses as “sexy”.

Besides describing how he’s able to take a bump in his 90s, Carl Reiner also took time to remember his friend Mary Tyler Moore during his Conan interview. He reminisced about her by telling the story of discovering her at auditions for the part of Laura Petrie on the sitcom he created, The Dick Van Dyke Show. Carl saw 23 girls reading for the part before Mary Tyler Moore came in . He describe how she read one word and he knew she was the one.

At his age and with his career, Carl Reiner knows everyone in comedy and he wrapped up his Conan interview telling a story about fellow legend George Burns. The two worked together on Burns’ hit movie responsible for his career resurgence, Oh, God! which Carl directed. This is not some some sweet old gentleman story either. Carl, who was 60 at the time, asked George Burns, who was 20 years old than him, what he had to look forward to sexually when he reached his 80s. For George Burns’ classic answer, watch the clips below.

Carl Reiner’s new book, Carl Reiner, Now You’re Ninety-Four: A Graphic Diary is available now at where you can also have the book personally autographed to you as well.