Budweiser Wants Out of “Flight”

Denzel Washington’s character in “Flight” drinks a lot throughout the film, but his portrayal of a highly functioning alcoholic pilot isn’t going down well with brewing company Anheuser-Busch or the distributor of Stolichnaya vodka. Budwesier wants to be taken out of the film because as we all know alcoholics do not drink Budweiser.

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Is this the movie about when My Name is Earl's fat brother left the gas pedal stuck down on an airplane?  Oh Dewey, will you ever win?


This is the exactly same reason "Alpo" wanted to be taken out of "Air Bud".

LabKeith like.author.displayName 1 Like

This is reasonable. Budweiser and Stolichnaya have taken extensive steps over the years to ensure that their products do not contribute to any negative aspects of society. They have made it very clear that you should only enjoy their products as a normal, positive part of hanging out with chicks with massive tits and high-fiving your buddies about sports.


I always drink Bud when I don't really feel like drinking. 


Should have been Colt .45 Malt Liquor. The brutha's drink of choice.

Ziggy Stardust
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Ha,ha Budweiser and  Stolichnaya  doesn't want a negative image? As if their clientele hasn't already done that ?  

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I wanted out of Flight 30 minutes into it.   Cliched and overwrought.  

Pool Keepers Son
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If you can buy a bud on a plane it should be ok to have it on an airplane in a movie, I'm just sayin.

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I wish they'd take themselves out of the beer store.