Brent Morin, Comedian and Safecracker, Answers Six Questions

brent morin

is a Los Angeles based comedian who is now a household name thanks to his breakout role on NBC’s Undateable. His first special I’m Brent Morin is now available on Netflix. Amy Hawthorne talked to Brent on a hectic and busy night while he was trying to break into his apartment after locking his keys inside for the umpteenth time.

The Interrobang: You’re an excellent singer, as now all of America knows, so what’s your go-to karaoke song?

Brent Morin: No diggity by Blackstreet, since middle school.

The Interrobang: Besides breaking into your apartment, do you have any other secret McGyver skills that people don’t know about?

Brent Morin: Well, I used to be good at picking locks, which I guess falls into the same category. I don’t know why, but I was always good at cracking a safe or picking a lock.

The Interrobang: Under what circumstances were you just cracking safes as a kid?

Brent Morin: Well, I was probably trying to get porn out of my cousin’s safe. I’d just crack the code and my cousin would be like, “How’d you do that?” and I was like, “I don’t know!” But then his dad couldn’t get back in because I’d changed the code and didn’t remember. Just stupid shit, I’m an idiot.

The Interrobang: On the idiot theme, I know you got into a couple ridiculous fights when you were a kid, what’s your favorite one?

Brent Morin: I was in college, visiting that same cousin at his university with his friends. We were at a fraternity house and they asked us to leave after a fight broke out. For some reason, I took it upon myself to go, “Say Please” as if I was Van Damme and knew how to fight well. The kid was so baffled by it, he didn’t even go, “Fuck you” he was just like, “what does this guy know that he’s just casually saying ‘Say Please’?” And the whole time I’m thinking my cousin and his friends are all there behind me, like “Look at Brendan’s cousin Brent, sticking up for us.” And I turn around and realize they all left. So now it’s just me with twenty of them, but they’re all just baffled. So then I tried to play it off, “You know what dude, you’re not even worth it.” And as I’m going down the steps and they’re all yelling at me to get out someone from the back yelled out, “You’re not funny!” for some reason. This was when I was 19, maybe I had gone to one open mic but these guys didn’t know so that made me laugh so hard after I got outside. So that was the best – I didn’t get hurt, but I looked kind of crazy and tough.

The Interrobang: Now that Undateable is live, what’s been your favorite ad libbed or improved moment?

Brent Morin: I think the favorite one that I had was that I had a puppet me and a puppet Chris [D’Elia]. I was supposed to hand one to Chris, but before I did, I said, “You know if these two puppets had a sitcom and it got cancelled, this one…” and I held up my puppet “is kind of fresh in the scene so he’ll probably be okay, but this one..” and I pointed at his “this one, it would probably ruin his career because now he’s had two failed sitcoms. “ And that was because Bill Lawrence and the writers came over to me without telling Chris, asking me to say something along those lines. And I just didn’t wanna fuck it up because I wanted to burn Chris so bad on national television! But we’re starting to get to the point on the show where the writers have these things like that and we don’t know they’re coming and you worry what they’ve got on you. They’ve gotten me pretty bad. But they also wrote in a plug for my special, so that’s cool.

The Interrobang: You filmed your special here in New York, did you have a favorite “New York” kind of moment?

Brent Morin: When I came last year for the festival, I ended up staying a whole week because my friend David had his friend’s apartment while she was out of town. It was probably the most fun week ever. I fell in love, we rented bicycles, I met Bradley Cooper, went to a Broadway show and sat 4th row, we sat with Kate Upton and Taylor Swift at the Knicks game, got on the Jumbotron, yelled at Justin Long, ran into Aaron Carter in Times Sq, did karaoke with Dane Cook, sang with a jazz band, did swing dancing in some underground alley place. It was just like every single day and night was a scene in a movie.


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