Bonnie McFarlane, Luis J. Gomez and More to Headline 8th Annual Hoboken Comedy Festival

Each year, the Hoboken Comedy Festival hopes to bring two things to the Mile Square City: laughter and charity. For this year’s 8th annual event, the folks at HCF look prepared to deliver both in strides. The festival will take place from September 25th — October 1st, and will consist of 12 shows and six different venues.

The Hoboken Comedy Festival is all about providing an entertainment outlet for Jersey residents in cities like Hoboken and Jersey City, whose right-across-the-river locations often force them to play second fiddle to the larger New York City. The idea is viable, as past performers include Hannibal Buress, , Paul Virzi, Pete Davidson, Tim Dillon and more, and now this year’s lineup is looking pretty damn promising too. This year’s headliners are (My Wife Hates Me, Women Aren’t Funny), Luis J. Gomez (Legion of Skanks, The Real Ass Podcast), Emma Willmann (Night Train with Wyatt Cenac, The Check Spot), Kenny Garcia (Gotham Comedy Live), Ben Kronberg (, Late Night with ), Jon Laster (Comic View), Harrison Greenbaum (Last Comic Standing, America’s Got Talent), and Drew Michael (, The Carmichael Show).

This year’s festival will feature a handful of showcases, as well as the popular HCF “New Talent” shows, where up-and-comers will compete across multiple nights for spots alongside headliners, with the ultimate victor coming out as the Hoboken Comedy Festival winner. As is a staple of any HCF event, $1 per head at each show (plus individual donations) will go towards a local charity. For the third year straight, that lucky charity will be the Liberty Humane Society, which provides adoption services, behavioral therapy and low-cost clinics for animals and pet owners throughout Hoboken and Jersey City. For more information on the festival, or a look at the hilarious (and adorable) comic/dog photo series that the festival produces each year, head to the festival’s website.

So, without further ado, here is the official full lineup of performances for this year’s event:

Sept 25th – The Brass Rail – 135 Washington Street

8 p.m. – Kenny Garcia, Lawrence DeLoach and Jonathan Randall

Sept 26th – Arthur’s Steakhouse – 237 Washington Street

8 p.m. – Emma Willmann, Jason Salmon and Jared Freid

Sept 27th – The Turtle Club – 936 Park Avenue

8 p.m. – Ben Kronberg, Gracie Canaan and Greg Stone

Sept 28th – Porter Collins – 1426 Willow Avenue

8 p.m. – Harrison Greenbaum, Corinne Fisher and Jordan Raybould

Sept 29th – Birch – 92 River Street

7 p.m. – Jon Laster, Matt Pavich, Leah Bonnema and Dan Frigolette

9 p.m. – Luis J Gomez, Dan LaMorte and Usama Siddiquee

Sept 30th – Birch – 92 River Street

7 p.m. – Bonnie McFarlane, Brett Druck and Vincent James

9 p.m. – Drew Michael, James Myers and Kareem Green,

Oct 1st – Block Party @ Taphaus 800 Jackson Street

12 p.m. – 5 p.m. – Block Party

2 p.m. – “New Talent” Show

3 p.m. – Funny for Fido podcast with Justin Silver

5:30 p.m. – Pets and Punchlines with Richie Redding and Dr. Lisa

7 p.m. – Jon Fisch, Richie Redding, Justin Silver, and the 2017 Hoboken Comedy Festival Winner


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