Bobby Moynihan Ends 9 Year Run on SNL This Week

is leaving after nine seasons as a beloved cast member. It’s not a huge surprise to anyone who follows the series closely. This year, it was apparent that Moynihan was in fewer sketches than prior seasons and his off-show work has been ramping up. Once CBS announced that they had picked up Moynihan’s sitcom “Me Myself and I“, it seemed obvious that Moynihan would be saying goodbye to live Saturday nights on NBC.

While nine years isn’t a record for SNL castmembers, Bobby’s tenure certainly put him in the top tier. Current cast mate Kenan Thompson shares the record of 14 seasons on SNL with Darrell Hammond, and if Thompson returns for SNL‘s 43rd season, he’ll be the longest tenured SNL cast member of all time. Other long-termers include (13 seasons), Al Franken (12), (11), Tim Meadows (10), and Kevin Nealon and Jason Sudeikis (9 each).

During his 9 year run, Moynihan has amassed a gigantic list of unforgettable characters, with his epic Weekend Update character Drunk Uncle possibly being the most recognizable. He’s also known for playing Anthony Crispino Jr., Ass Dan, Riblet, Vinny Vedecci Jr, and impressions of Snooki, Guy Fieri and Chris Christie. Bobby has had such a tremendous run, he even stands out when playing background players in sketches.

This Saturday will be Moynihan’s last episode. He will be missed!

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