Bob Saget & John Stamos Reveal Don Rickles’ Secrets on Kimmel Live

As part of his grieving process, hosted Bob Saget and John Stamos on his show Monday night to talk about their memories of the late comedy legend Don Rickles. And while they shared stories, they also revealed things most people didn’t know about the world’s greatest insult comic.

The former Full House stars first talked about how they met Don Rickles and discussed some things that we’re pretty widely known about Mr. Warmth, including how people loved to be insulted by Don and how it made their day because they knew that it was done with affection. They also talked about the advice Don Rickles gave them, especially John Stamos who Don was concerned about when it came to women; insisting that Stamos quit dating teenagers.

Bob Saget talked about the professional advice he got from Don who said that Saget looked like a “Jewish Clark Kent” on stage. He welled up discussing the many, many dinners they had together. Both talked about how they snuck different foods to Don which weren’t good for his diabetes and how this was done behind Don’s wife Barbara’s back. Jimmy Kimmel then accused both of them of murdering Don Rickles.

Here’s some things that you might not know about Don Rickles which the Full House boys revealed. If you had to guess what Don’s frequent online password was, would your guess be “HockeyPuck”? Would it be “Sinatra”? No, both of those answers are wrong, but to find out the hysterical password Don Rickles used, watch the JKL clip below. While pulling back the curtain on Don Rickles, John Stamos revealed that during his act, Don was known for calling out audience members of different nationalities to insult, but on several occasions, those ethnically different guests didn’t exist. If there were no Asian-Americans in Don’s line of sight, that didn’t matter. He did his Asian-American jokes anyway. Bob Saget and John Stamos also talked about the one thing that Don Rickles wanted most professionally which was a Kennedy Center Honors award. Don felt somehow along the way, he had insulted the Kennedy family, especially patriarch Joe Sr. and that’s why he was never able to pick up that award. Stamos and Saget promised to work on getting him one posthumously. Plus, the two have also already chosen a new father-figure / mentor / comedic wise man to start taking to dinner in place of their friend Don Rickles. Find out who that is below as well via YouTube.

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