Bill Burr: “I’m Not Angry, I’m Just Old”


This week during a Colbert appearance rebuffed the designation that he is the undisputed champion of rage-filled humor. “I don’t even think I’m mad,” he told Colbert on Thursday night, “I’m just old.” And then Burr proceeded to talk about things that piss him off like people who take their shoes and socks off on airplanes, and helicopter parents, and even audiences.

Burr and Colbert talked about New York through the ages, and the changes the city has gone through, and Burr claims it’s much harder to do comedy in New York City now because audiences have changed. “The groan,” he said implying that New York comedy audiences have gotten too sensitive.

Watch a clip from Burr’s appearance and scroll down for the full appearance. Bill was out promoting season two of his Netflix cartoon F is for Family, available  now.

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