Our Big Brother Podcast Drops Episode 4

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Big Brother and the Holding Kompany Episode 4: The Cameras Speak


Today on Big Brother and the Holding Kompany “Power of” Vito and Chris Stanley update you on everything going on in the house since last Thursday. This may be especially crucial considering BB Tooms Twitter Account is down, which is the go-to place for live feed clips in case you miss anything going on in the house. “Power of” Vito informs Chris that he actually knows of the guy who runs the account because he’s an alleged “wall screamer” from a previous season.

It has been a busy few days in the house. The Safety Ceremony happened with nominated house guests being decided by Head of Household Alex. Because Big Brother Over The Top is so fan friendly and interactive, America nominated their weekly house guest and also decided who was on slop as a “have not” for the week. With Alex in charge, the guys find out if their predictions from last week are right and see who Alex puts up, which luckily for Chris ends up being his picks. “Power of” Vito got a little too over zealous with his prediction of throwing everyone off by nominating her secret sister.

The Power of Veto competition brought back Big Brother alum and fan favorite Jeff Schroeder (who is the de facto host when Julie Chen isn’t around). Jeff hosted a golf competition that included punishments and looked like it had a bigger budget than most of the other competitions’ production has been throwing out as of late. Find out who got what punishment, who has to strip down and swim for golf balls, who is wearing what outfit, who has to sleep outside and which two house guests have punishments related to upcoming competitions.

The episode has everything you need to know if you can’t keep up with the feeds, with updates on feuds, alliances, who is already turning on their “friends, the weirdness of showmances this early on and who is at the breakdown point. There is also a new “Over The Top” conspiracy at the hands of fan favorite Jason. So listen to this episode, share it with your friends, give it a good review and subscribe to get every episode as early as possible!



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