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Big Brother and the Holding Kompany Episode 5: I Came, I Saw, I Scott


After Episode 4 covered the nominations, safety ceremony and Power of Veto competition, Episode 5 picks up at the most dramatic point of every week in the Big Brother house…the live eviction ceremony! It’s tenser than ever with no music and every time a houseguest has to host any one of these ceremonies, it feels like Les Moonves put this show together just to show that Julie Chen isn’t as bad of a host as everyone claims.

“Power of” Vito Calise and Chris Stanley give you all the updates you need to stay connected with the 24/7 game that always changes. The guys discuss America’s Choice and ask the question, does America have too much power? Anyone can tell Jason has a massive fan base that is really rallying behind him which seems like it could be pretty unfair in a season with so much fan participation. It also turns out one of the House Guests was supposed to be in season 18, find out who that is and who PoVito and Chris Stanley think took their place.

Scott is the new HoH and he saved himself from a possible week on the block because immediately after the eviction ceremony everybody figured out he voted to evict Danielle and that had the LNC (Late Night Crew) alliance in an uproar. The guys also discuss America’s Care Package for the week which awards someone the power to pick the type of Veto everyone will compete for this week. Diamond Power of Veto, which gives you the opportunity to veto a nominee and choose the replacement. The Double Veto will put two vetoes in play at the competition and the Boomerang Veto that gives you the option to remove both people. Chris Stanley has another one of his “Over the Top Conspiracy Theories” and Vito gives you the updates that matter, who is feuding and over what, somehow Harry Potter is a big part of the issue.

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