Barry Crimmins Gives The State of Comedy on Conan

It’s been a big year for Barry Crimmins. Well, two years if you count the premiere of the documentary on his life and career, Call Me Lucky. The award-winning doc directed by Bobcat Goldthwait, garnered all kinds of critical acclaim during 2015. But Barry Crimmins’ 2016 was no less impressive. He embarked on a national tour and shot and released his first comedy special, Whatever Threatens You produced by the new king of comedy marketing, innovator Louis C.K. Wednesday night, Crimmins wrapped up 2016 with a great appearance on .

Barry gave Conan the state of comedy as he sees it which includes a bit of over-saturation in the market. He told Conan that he’s been doing comedy for 44 years and when he started, there were maybe 100 comedians worldwide, that was including “a couple of weird guys in France.” Now, Barry says, there are 35,000 people in New York alone that call themselves comedians, comparing it to a “refugee crisis”.

Of course, the arrival of President-elect Trump means Barry Crimmins has another administration to aim his political satire at before he retires. He said he feels like he’s in an awful cop movie where the old detective has one more bad case to handle before he calls it a day. Watch for the sighting of a very rare late night Archduke Franz Ferdinand joke.

Barry Crimmins is appearing TONIGHT in Chicago for a special one night only event at the Laugh Factory with Kurt Metzger and Rob Mailloux. For tickets go to You can also see his hilarious new special, Whatever Threatens You by going to

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