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As part of our new podcast sharing select archival episodes of ’s epic interview series Unmasked, this week we are going back further in the archives to share Unmasked with Colin Quinn.

The Unmasked series which began in 2008 with a brilliant hour with Patrice O’Neal has taped nearly 200 episodes since, documenting the careers of the most interesting comedy writers, directors, filmmakers, actors, screenwriters, satirists, political comedians, comedic musicians and of course, stand up comedians in the business. It is a veritable archive of the greatest comedy of our time. Past Unmasked guests have included , Bob Newhart, , Dan Aykroyd, Simon Pegg, , , Jim Jefferies, Gilbert Gottfried, Bobcat Goldthwait, Louis C.K., David Brenner, , and over 150 more comedy greats.

Back in 2010  sat down with Colin Quinn in front of a live audience in the infamous Fishbowl studio at SiriusXM in New York City. Colin Quinn has been at the center of so much of the great comedy of the past two decades. In 2010, Quinn premiered his third one-man show Colin Quinn: Long Story Short on Broadway, directed by Jerry .  It was a turning point for Quinn, who would later go on to create Unconstitutional and The New York Story,  and a perfect time to hear him talk about his career and ambitions.  

We chose Colin as our first pre-2016 Unmasked to share because he’s just brilliant, and talks so openly about getting through low points in his career, growing up in Brooklyn, his time on Remote Control, SNL, and Tough Crowd and The Integrity Factor balancing comedy vs art.  The episode was taped on May 23, 2010 in the Fishbowl at SiriusXM in New York City. It’s one of our favorite hours ever recorded in the Unmasked series.

Colin’s impact on comedy is undeniable. He’s a comic’s comic (something he talks about in the hour), and his show, Tough Crowd, introduced the world to some of the greatest comedians performing today, and inspired countless others. His five one-man shows are unbelievably powerful, and the last two have been recorded and released as hour specials. Colin is a master storyteller, a brilliant performer, and one of the rare comics who consistently unearths the basic truths humanity struggles with. There’s a Carlin-esque importance to Quinn’s comedy, but his style and his delivery are 100% his own.

Comedians will love this hour- fans will love it too. Share it with someone else who loves comedy.

Recorded on May 23, 2010 in New York City, this is Unmasked, from the Archives, with Colin Quinn and Ron Bennington.

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