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Our new podcast sharing select archival episodes of ’s epic interview series Unmasked, and this week we chose an episode from earlier this year with Bonnie McFarlane.

The Unmasked series which began in 2008 with a brilliant hour with Patrice O’Neal has taped nearly 200 episodes, documenting the careers of the most interesting comedy writers, directors, filmmakers, actors, screenwriters, satirists, political comedians, comedic musicians and of course, stand up comedians in the business. It is a veritable archive of the greatest comedy of our time. Past Unmasked guests have included , Bob Newhart, , Dan Aykroyd, Simon Pegg, , , Jim Jefferies, Gilbert Gottfried, Bobcat Goldthwait, Louis C.K., David Brenner, , Patrice O’Neal and over 150 more comedy greats.

In this episode, Ron Bennington sits down with Bonnie McFarlane in front of a completely sold out crowd over over 200 at the Village Underground in New York City. They stretched around the block waiting to get in for the taping, and that is of course, no surprise. Not only is Bonnie one of the funniest and fastest comic minds we know, but Bonnie had just released her new book, You’re Better Than Me, and it’s the best book written by a comedian in modern times. It’s a page-turning, brutally honest and fascinating memoir, and throughout the Unmasked, Bonnie shares some of the best stories from the book, adding details, and it’s a mesmerizing hour. Her life story is like nothing you could imagine, growing up in rural Canada, and we mean- milk your own cows, make your own clothes- rural. Bonnie also talked about getting her start in comedy, and making some really unique mistakes, and one of them involves baking cinnamon rolls. She also talks about trying and failing miserably to be ’s bestie. After the taping, everyone got a copy of Bonnie’s book, and she even stuck around to sign them all.


If you don’t already know Bonnie, she is one of our favorite comics- there’s nobody faster- which is why we she is one of our favorite go-to comics to mentor on our live show Comedy 101. She routinely kills performing stand up all over the country, co-hosts one of the best podcasts out there- “My Wife Hates Me” with her husband . She also directed the comedy documentary film, “Women Aren’t Funny” and now she’s added author to her list of credits.

Recorded on March 15, 2016 at The Village Underground in NYC, this is Unmasked, from the Archives, with Bonnie McFarlane and Ron Bennington.

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