Anthony Cumia Announces the Title of His Autobiography; Says It’s Almost Done

, host of the Show on his own Compound Media Network, former co-host of the Opie and Anthony Show and the Artie and Anthony Show has been teasing that he’s been writing a memoir for quite some time now. Although he had hinted that it would be released in May 2018, the month had come and gone with no sign of the release, and we had begun to wonder whether the plans for the release had been put on hold.

But earlier this week, on Episode 387 of gamer podcast PKA (“Painkiller Already”), Cumia told hosts WoodysGamertag, FPS Kyle and Murka, that the book is almost done, and he even revealed the title. “I haven’t said the title yet, but I will on your show. It’s called “Permanently Suspended,” Cumia announced on the podcast that was released on Tuesday. “I mean that’s every aspect of either my job; Twitter, Facebook— I’m constantly suspended. So permanently suspended seems like the right choice there.

Cumia said that the book is in the editing phase and they have to decide on a cover shot, and then it will go into presale. The book will be available on Amazon and “everywhere else.” Friend and former co-host wrote the forward, a decision Cumia called a no brainer. “Some people know me better personally, but I don’t think anybody knows me better professionally. Jimmy knows me in both of those worlds so he was a great choice.”

Anthony says the book, which he has been working on for six months will cover everything from his childhood and growing up with an unorthodox freewheeling father in California (with his dad throwing him whores, driving dune buggies with rifles in the desert at the age of 12), through the radio years, working with Opie and “the behind the scenes shit that everyone wants to know about.”

He describes it as a fun book, but not everyone will appreciate every chapter. Specifically, he refers to former co-host Gregg “Opie” Hughes. “I’m brutally honest about everything, so when I talk about what it was like on a daily basis working with someone who had zero respect for you or the people you care about or, any talent that anyone else has, just resentment for all the comics that are in there. Yeah I talk about it.”

Opie and Anthony were radio partners for over 25 years going through periods where their now infamous contempt for each other was well hidden, and other periods where it was more transparent to their listeners. The show ended in July 2014, when Cumia was fired from SiriusXM over media reaction to an angry Twitter rant. Hughes was fired two years later for HR violations, and recently started a two day a week podcast called Opie Radio with Westwood One. Since splitting there has been a significant amount of dirty laundry aired among their respective shows and social media accounts with shots ranging from passive aggressive to outright accusatory. At one point it seemed like the two former co-hosts might put their differences behind them when they started calling eachother’s shows in 2016, but that truce seemed to be temporary, and it looks there’s much more coming.

Cumia says he’s really excited about the book, but most of all he said, “I’m excited that I was the first one to write one before he did.”

No release date but fans and gawkers can expect the book to be available “soon.”

You can hear Anthony talk about the book on the PKA podcast below, along with his thoughts on being banned (again) from SiriusXM, working with Jim Norton, Opie’s rumored lawsuit against SiriusXM, and .

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  1. Rickety

    May 24, 2018 at 2:34 pm

    gee, I thought the title would be “I am a wannabe right wing pundit–oh yeah…I hate N–g-e-s”

  2. Sawxfan

    May 25, 2018 at 6:32 am

    “Wannabe right wing pundit”? He does a spot on the biggest conservative show in the world!

    • Rickety

      May 25, 2018 at 4:16 pm

      well I do not watch or listen to right wing tv or radio so I did not know. He ruined O & A by all his right wing shit. I give him credit; nobody is funnier on radio than Ant but his desire to be a new Hannity ruined the show. He may be a commentator but he will NEVER be as big as he wants in that medium. I so miss his real talent, his razor sharp quick wit and his ability to parrot almost any celebrity. But that is not who he wants to be. Ant wants to be a go-to right wing commentator. Too bad. At his best, he was way funnier than even Stern at his best; he really was. I am sure he tosses out some comedy in his commentary, but when he does that, he loses 50% of his audience. What a waste. I was a huge fan of Ants, really was. I miss his humor. I had no problem with his ‘racial” humor. Ant took that and veered over to mean racist humor and hateful right wing politics and lost me and lots of O&A fans who felt like I did. I wish him well but I sincerely wish he could leave the politics alone and give us back his genuine superb comedy.

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